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Punk News: Tours: GWAR (US)

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Premiere: Void Boys - Cosmos + Live Show at Bottom of the HIll with Modern Man and Sea Knight - 6/5

The San Francisco based garage – gaze band, Void Boys are at it again. After the release of their 10-inch vinyl, 2-track single, Starfish, the band has promptly allowed The Deli Magazine San Francisco to premiere their new track, Cosmos.

This song is a previously unreleased track that is being put out by a small L.A. based cassette label called Tuesday Tapes. Void Boys' song is on side A, and shares the rest of the cassette's film with the Los Angeles based band, Hillary Chillton.

Cosmos sounds a bit more intentional than the band's previous compositions. It is romantic and soulful and shows a different side of the band, compared to their upbeat, punkier track, Starfish. Lead singer, Shannon Bodrogi's voice is clear, and has a classic ring to it as she effortlessly bellows over the intriguing, fuzzed out wall of sound that this three-piece band is able to conjure and amplify on their recordings. Cosmos is consistent with Void Boys’ signature garage-gaze sound, but this track also embodies a tighter execution that exudes more confidence, instrumentally and vocally. We like it.

We also like that they are headlining a show on Thursday, June 5th at Bottom of the Hill with Modern Man and Sea Knight. This show is going to be a loud, soulful and fuzzed out night of experimental garage rock, and we can’t wait for it to begin. We totally recommend you make your way out to Bottom of the Hill this week, and listen to Void Boy's new track, Cosmos. -je


Album Review: WAG - No Worries

Rock music is experiencing a new wave of innovation, with a number of groups contributing their creations to the music scene; yet of these bands, only a handful possess the chops to make it big.

SF based group, WAG are in the handful. Their newest album, No Worries illuminates their Strokes-mixed-with-RHCP qualities with strong vocals, solid guitar leads and commanding drum beats. This 9-song track album ranges in style, from head-bobbing summertime jams like, Delay to more poignant selections like the bluesy, poignant track, New DevilsGrappling with California is a slow, passionate jam with aurally clean guitar grooves and crashing cymbals that accompany powerful and edgy vocals, while delivering equally powerful lyrics. Shed rounds out the album with a building guitar riff and a steady drum foundation that leads up to a pleading chorus that jumps into a grungy, effects-heavy black hole of goodness.

All clichés aside, this indie-rock quartet is certain to make you WAG your tail. -Kat Collins


Marine Life Plays SF and NYC Popfest

Elfant Records artists, and San Francico based aquatic bubblegum, dreampop band, Marine Life has been invited to perform bi-coastal shows as additions to the Popfest line up. Popfest San Francisco occured last week, but New York City will have the pleasure of checking out a live performance of this saccharine sweet indie rock band on June 1st.

The Deli Magazine's original sector is based in NYC, so we're always excited to see San Francisco based bands obtain the opportunity to play both cities in a short amount of time. Check out why this unapologetically poppy band was chosen by Popfest to perform both city's shows!!


Song Premiere: Growwler - Long Hair, Short Wits

The exuberant band, Growwler is celebrating their album release today. We wrote about it here. We're honored to be able to share a song from their upcoming single, Long Hair, Short Wits. This A side title track is a charming acoustic track that has style and character, melding folk and college indie rock together in a talented and unassuming manner.

I know that combination sounds odd, but Growwler makes it work and owns their musical style effortlessly. Please take the time to enjoy Long Hair, Short Wits and join Growwler, Giggle Party and Taxes at Public Works TONIGHT to celebrate this single's release!! Support hardworking, local, emerging bands. We'll say it over and over, cus we love what they do. -je


SF Band to Watch: C A T H E D R A L S

Experimental electronic duo, C A T H E D R A L S is definitely a Bay Area based band to pay attention to. With their eerie twist on mainstream indie music, this band creates dark and artistic soundscapes that are coated with pristine female vocal layering and powerful instrumental climaxes.

C A T H E D R A L S is drawing a lot of attention and conveys a similar sound to Lana Del Rey, but this duo is a lot more thoughtful and sincere with their compositions. Once you turn on their latest track, Harlem, it will be hard to ignore the quality of the song, and the heartfelt effort that pulses through every note of the band's music.


Growwler Celebrates Single Release at Public Works with Giggle Party and Taxes - 5/29

San Francisco based art rock indie band, Growwler will be celebrating the release of their upcoming single, Long Hair, Short Wits, with an event at Public Works in the Mission District on Thursday, May 29th. Long Hair, Short Wits is a two track alt indie folk single that will invigorate your senses.

Rounding out the bill will be two other San Francisco based musical outfits, Giggle Party and Taxes. Public Works will be hosting a solid line up of alternative art rock, and if you're looking to go to a show that confidently sits on the outskirts of SF's usual garage indie line ups, you should attend this event. We're always into shows that are a little different and bands who throw unique events. 

Come party and celebrate with a great band who is going to release a cool single, which you can attain digitally the day of the show. -je


New Music Video: Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah - American Flags

The San Francisco based psych americana band, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah have released a new music video for their single, American Flags. This hazy folk rock - americana track gives a serious nod to the musical aesthetics of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young but Gallagher’s voice upholds a particularly recognizable nod to Neil Young.

The lyrics are a bit mysterious, making it unclear in regards to if the song is actually as patriotic as the title implies. Nonetheless, the video is shot beautifully, and displays breathtaking panoramic views of the band and the American (Californian) countryside. The video also highlights all of the band member's physical attributes, as the American Flags video is chock full of man beauty. There’s nothing but bootcut jeans, long hair, cowboy boots and tank tops, and it’s pretty great.

You can see Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah perform live at the Not Dead Yet Fest at thee Parkside on June 7th. Do your best to support this great, hardworking local band in all their endeavors. -je

Win Tix to Parallels Breakdown Valentine and The Trims at DNA Lounge TONIGHT

Win two tickets to tonight's electro psych pop show at DNA Lounge! We're excited to give our readers a chance to experience a great line up tonight. If you're into high quality experimental electro pop, send a message to sfeditor@thedelimagazine.com to enter to win. San Francisco based bands, Breakdown Valentine and The Trims have been making waves with their Bay Area live shows and pristine releases. DNA Lounge will be hosting the Toronto based nationally acclaimed band, Parallels to complete this enticing line up. Don't miss this show!


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