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Travis Hayes Releases New EP - Plays Doc's Lab - 3/28

Singer/songwriter, Travis Hayes is celebrating the release of his new three track album entitled, Love Songs. The album features the vocals of Emily Whitehurst (mainly known for her work in Tsunami Bomb and The Action Design) and paints a vivid picture of Hayes' personal experiences with love. Hayes is a refreshingly traditional folk artist who doesn't need to add too many frills to his music. He can capture an emotion or idea with his guitar and voice, but certainly takes the time to add simple elements that extenuate his overall artistic atmosphere. Love Songs features the cello and of course, Emily's lovely voice, making the collection of songs very beautiful and very to point.

Hayes makes some classy music. You can check him out live tomorrow night at Doc's Lab in San Francisco with Lauren O'Connell.


The Tunnel Buzzmutt and The Ukiah Drag Play Hemlock Tavern - 4/1

The San Francisco based, goth-surf punk band, The Tunnel will be performing live at Hemlock Tavern on April 1st. They'll be sharing the bill with the SF based alternative experimental noise band, Buzzmutt and Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band The Ukiah Drag. This is going to be an awesomely weird show that you shouldn't miss. Noisy, thrashy, off kilter, alternative underground experimental rock and roll will dominate your ears at this show on April Fool's Day. What more can you ask for?


Music Video Premiere: Lila Rose - World on Fire

Experimental art pop musician, Lila Rose has released a new music video for her single, World on Fire from her upcoming full length album, WE.ANIMALS.. World on Fire is an intense video showcasing distinct imagery that can be considered reminiscent, if not direct nods to '90s music videos like R.E.M's Losing My Religion and Nirvana's Heart Shape Box. The main difference in World on Fire are the feminine archetypes replacing traditionally masculine images of Christian and pagan belief systems.

This video is intense and Rose exudes a Sinaed O'Connor-esque presence and reveals herself in different elemental environments - fire and water. We like booming and bold art music videos as much as any other music lover. Check out Lila Rose's World on Fire and look out for her upcoming album, WE.ANIMALS. which is due out on April 14th.

Rose wrote a personal note about her video:

"For me, the song World on Fire was written from a deep love and care and tenderness I've always felt for the environment, for the Earth, for the Holiest of Holy Mothers- the one we, and all our beautiful animal creatures could not survive without.

The song for me starts as a communication to Our Mother (the Earth), but then turns into a conversation with our fellow animal human people about what we are doing to our planet (destroying it essentially). The idea was to take the darkness and intensity the song brings forth musically and lyrically, and transform it into a sweet and loving moment, which is to me, the whole point of the song. "Can we hold this softly, this lovingly"... can we hold the Earth in a good, kind, loving, and gentle way? That is my plea, that is my message here with this song.

The video for the new song, World On Fire was largely envisioned by Daniel Garcia, my collaborator in just about everything art related. He brought up the idea of shooting under water, because of course, our Earth is mostly made up of water, and so are we. The video is basically a collage of my envisioned symbology and imagery of the story we are telling from the beginning with a water filled world (symbolized by a boiling flask most appropriately), to a slowly evaporating heated environment, to a space void of water, and only filled with darkness and fire. The video shows the disconnect, and the connect which can be there in a more human sense, in order to demonstrate the message we are sharing about our planet, and if one wanted to get really literal about it: global warming. This was a wonderful, fun, but intense video to shoot- it's really really hard to breath under water- I just couldn't do it (imagine that)!"


Mark Nelsen Curates Smashing Pumpkins Tribute Show at Viracocha - 4/8

San Francisco based singer/songwriter and rock guitar aficionado, Mark Nelsen has curated a musical tribute night dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Smashing Pumpkins album, Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness. Nelsen has named the event Mellon Collie Unplugged: 20 Years of Infinite Sadness and will perform with an all star ensemble of Bay Area musicians including members of The Love Dimension, Void Boys, Gold Minor, Cannons & Clouds and more.

Mellon Collie Unplugged: 20 Years of Infinite Sadness will reinterpret the softer, more acoustic compositions from the 28-song Billy Corgan-penned opus, but will also feature some deep cuts and heavy surprises.

This unique special event will take place at Viracocha on Wednesday, April 8th. This wood paneled music venue is set in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District but upholds a rustic and intimate vibe and setting that is perfect for experiencing this extended and intentionally crafted show. Mark Nelsen puts a lot of time into his live compositions and is a talented arranger. Mark Nelsen & In The Fade are going to outdo themselves with this one.


Future Twin and Golden Drugs Support His Name is Alive at Rickshaw Stop - 4/7

The San Francisco based soul-gaze band, Future Twin will be performing live at Rickshaw Stop on April 7th. The band will be supporting the veteran 4AD Records experimental rock band, His Name is Alive who are touring in celebration of their 25th anniversary. This Michigan based music duo is totally legendary so it's pretty cool that they're coming through the Bay Area to play! Also, do your best not to miss the Oakland based ethereal rock band, Golden Drugs' performance that night. Their music is very chill and creative. All the bands are of super high quality. You won't regret checking this show out!



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