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Drowned in Sound: J Mascis - Tied to a Star
Drowned in Sound: Maybeshewill - Fair Youth

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Midnight Sons Down and Outlaws and Sweetwater Black Play Bottom of the Hill TONIGHT

For those sorely lacking in the rock 'n' roll department, be sure to check out a show with the likes of Midnight Sons, Down and Outlaws and Sweetwater Black at tonight at Bottom of the Hill.

Sweetwater Black is a Bay Area based trio that reflects influences from bands like the Black Keys and Black Sabbath. Like Black Sabbath, the band has sludgy-sounding instrumentals backed by powerful vocals. Down and Outlaws is another San Francisco band that's bluesy, soulful, and above all - raw sounding. Last year the band came out with Backwards From The Dead, a solid and well-recorded release. And headlining is Midnight Sons, a band that does its best to make homespun rock 'n' roll with elements of '60s and '70s country music. The band is also expected to release an EP soon - check out a few choice tracks from the upcoming release below. -Erin Dage

The Deli SF Giveaway - Void Boys Limited Edition Vinyl - Starfish

Oh Boy...we're giving away an awesome release by the San Francisco based garage - surf rock - psych band, Void Boys! The auspicious limited edition collection of the band's new single, Starfish is creating a buzz around the Bay Area because of the single's intricate vinyl covers. They're so beautifully designed, we suggest you jump at the opportunity to get your hands on one of 100 limited copies of Starfish. These 10 inch pressings are going for $20 a pop (as they should), so we're down to give away a copy (or a few) on us! We love it when bands share their unique style and secret artistic gifts with the world!

Email sfeditor@thedelimagazine.com to enter to receive a Void Boys' Starfish single!

If you want to buy a copy and support this hard working emerging band, check out Pretty Penny Records, and buy this album direct from the label!

More About the Album:

"(Each record is hand painted and printed by Shannon Bodrogi and Jian Giannini. They were created using Photocopy lithography, an alternative photographic printmaking technique. Additional mediums include watercolor, acrylic, collage, and ink. All are varnished and come with an insert silkscreened by Shannon.)

The one hundred covers of unique and varying styles, mediums and themes, reflect the single they are housing. “Starfish” is loosely about the perceived metamorphosing of humanity, both figuratively and literally. How at times, people can seem to lose their human form with enough distance, whether physical or emotional, and the new shapes and associations that are brought to light with this space. Starfish, being invertebrates, are always changing form, twisting their bodies into an illimitable amount of shapes and contortions. We paralleled this idea of infinite distortion of form using scans of our hands, arms, faces, hair, etc. As a whole the body of work has a feeling of deliberate chaos and grungy intricacies, much like the single itself."

1-100 L-R Pretty Penny Records


Electric Shepherd Buzzmutt and Linear Downfall Play the El Rio -5/7

San Francisco based heavy psych band, Electric Shepherd will be headlining a great line up on May 7th at El Rio in SF. They’ll be sharing the bill with the awesome local post-noise band Buzzmutt, and Tennessee based experimental psych band, Linear Downfall.

This is one of those classic San Francisco shows that represents what the local music scene truly has to offer. Buzzmutt and Electric Shepherd are creative, seasoned (but still wild has hell), hardworking underground bands that always put on a loud and eccentrically fulfilling show.

Make sure you make it out to the El Rio to get your local underground fix. -je

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Joel Gion and the Primary Colours Play the Fox Theater -5/8

Make sure you buy your tickets to the upcoming Brian Jonestown Massacre show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. On May 8th, BJM will be performing in the Bay Area to promote their new album, Revelation, which is set for release on May 19th. This legendary Bay Area based psych revivalist band will be performing classic and post era songs, which will make for an amazing show.

One of the "longest serving" members of BJM, percussionist extraordinaire, Joel Gion has recently created another direct descendent of Anton Newcombe’s visionary tribe of neo psych and shoegaze offspring, called Joel Gion and the Primary Colours. Gion and his band will be opening the show and giving the Bay Area a double dose of his musical talent.

Brian Jonestown Massacre only rolls into town once every couple of years so don’t miss this event. You won’t regret it. -je

Congratulations to Royal Jelly for Winning the Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll

Congratulations to the insanely talented San Francisco based gypsy soul band, Royal Jelly for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll. The fans and voters have spoken and Royal Jelly has come out on top! This innovative vintage band has been playing speakeasies and jazz/soul venues all around the Bay Area, reaching crevices of the city that are not as adorned as they should be. RJ dares to be authentic with their brand of swing music that stands out from the local scene's status quo! We're into it. 

We wish them all the best on their future endeavors!


The Deli Magazine San Francisco May Events Calendar + The Deli SF Benefit Show at Elbo Room - 5/7

The Deli Magazine San Francisco has a number of upcoming events coming in May. Not only are we throwing Deli Magazine Sponsored Events, which are being hosted Fridays at DNA Lounge (upstairs), we’ve also got an awesome benefit show coming up!!!

Wednesday, May 7th - The Deli Magazine SF Benefit Show - The Elbo Room 

Deli SF Sponsored Event Series:
Friday, May 9th – DNA Lounge 
Friday, May 16th – DNA Lounge 
Friday, May 30th – DNA Lounge 

Wednesday, May 7th The Elbo Room Doors at 8 pm $7+ donations

Spider Heart, Void Boys, Sea Dramas, along with the brand new San Francisco based musical outfit, Vollmer will be celebrating the growth and community involvement of The Deli SF! SF based community and intercultural advocate; Jason Wyman will also grace us with a reading celebrating the Bay Area and our amazing music community. Don’t miss this event!

Friday, May 9th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

Bay Area based bands, The Spiral Electric and Pharoahs will be joining touring bands Ghost Box Orchestra and Dead Gurus to create an atmospheric night of neo psychedelia rock and roll. These bands will all bring a different interpretation of potent, washed out psych vibes to your world, and particularly to DNA Lounge this weekend!!!! We're so excited to hear all these bands.

Friday, May 16th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

Los Angeles based legendary rockbilly band, The Dollyrots will be headlining a show with the Bay Area’s best and brightest underground bands. The Shanghais, Mark Nelsen Band and Whorhaigh Kayado will be rounding out a great line up. This show is going to be eclectic, unique and high energy. If you want to discover some new blood in the SF music scene, check this show out!

Friday, May 30th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

The Deli Magazine San Francisco’s co editor (and underground local punk-garage rock connoisseur), Erin Dage personally curated our May 30th show! We are the Men, Sweat Lodge, Unstrung and Asthma will all be performing at DNA Lounge! Don’t miss this show. We’re excited to have these Bay Area based bands close out our May shows!!


Music Video: A Million Billion Dying Suns - Hey Man

A Million Billion Dying Suns' new music video for Hey Man, off their 2013 release, Strawberry EP is an intensely striking modern fairy tale that will take you on a 6 minute wild ride of an Oakland hipster’s worst nightmare.

Plagued with the torment of bikers, wizards and reptiles, one ordinary man’s bike ride around town turns into a dark and violent labyrinth of events. Escape is futile until he wakes up from the spine chilling alternate reality (which could even be an alternate Bay Area), only to find himself back home, but more lost than ever.

Produced by French Press Films, directed by Andrew Juncker and gifted with a supreme performance by actor, Andrew Riddell, this video is totally impressive. The acting, twists and quality are a very pleasant surprise in a world of DIY, lo fidelity production, --not that there’s anything wrong with them. Hey Man will show you just what a little time, passion and budget can do to pump an already great band and album.

Kudos to A Million Billion Dying Suns for producing a great music video. There are a couple of chances to see them perform live in the very near future.  -je

05.01 San Francisco CA - The Make-Out Room
05.10 Los Angeles CA - The Satellite
05.22 San Francisco CA - Converse Store, Downtown SF


Parae VAINHEIN Grendel's Claw and Tyler Holmes Play The Hemlock Tavern TONIGHT

Tonight the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco is hosting a show with performances by: Parae, VAINHEIN, Grendel's Claw, and Tyler Holmes. Each band holds true to a slew of genres - spanning all the way from electronic music to post-punk.

Opening is electro-goth solo act Tyler Holmes. Also playing is highly surf punk two piece Grendel's Claw. VAINHEIN is a musical act from Oakland that plays dark, experimental house music. Parae is a San Francisco-based trio that creates post-punk-tinged experimental art rock. The band has confrontational-sounding vocals amidst rough-edged, noisy instrumentals. Last year the band came out with a full-length called Crystal Venom, which is sure to bend conventions of genre. -Erin Dage



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