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Jared Cohen Releases New EP - Counting Up the Years

San Francisco based musician, Jared Cohen has released a new EP entitled, Counting Up the Years. Cohen went more alternative and heavier with this new release after creating more electro-folk songs in the past. That's alright, change is good. You can be the judge and listen to a couple of singles from the new album below!


Ghost Town Jenny Releases New Music Video Lights

Oakland based singer/songwriter, Ghost Town Jenny (Kym Kylland along with her great band) has outdone her with the new music video, Lights. This romantically fluid video is touched with glamour and sorrow as it is an appropriate motion picture to bring to life the equally elegant single. We like it when local artists really put time into their productions and this music video is well crafted and was directed by artist, Samantha Shay.

Check it out and give a listen to Ghost Town Jenny's debut EP, Golden Hour.


Balms Streams Full EP

The San Francisco based shoegaze band, Balms has released their debut self titled EP. The album is euphoric and we definitely consider them to be one of the best underground bands in town.

The album was mixed and recorded by Balms throughout the better part of the year. Their debut single, Golden Hair got a lot of attention this summer and we're excited to share the final manifestation of the entire album. Give Balms EP your close attention and care, we think this album will make it to your regular rotation. Purchase a digital copy if you can. Support independent bands!


Feather-Bright Releases Self Titled Album

San Francisco based self proclaimed "moon rock" band, Feather-Bright has released their debut self titled album today. The album's sound is full and bellowing and encompasses the pretty voice of lead singer, Carly Patterson. The space folk sound which includes the lovely addition of a cello that brings a great layer of atmosphere and character to the music. Feather-Bright has put out a satisfying record and you should check it out.

If you like The Decemberists, Cat Power and other other-worldly sounding electro acoustic bands, you'll dig Feather-Bright.


Woolymammoth Collaborates with Himself on the New Single Falling

San Francisco based sound artist, Woolymammoth has released a new single entitled, Falling. The song is lovely, I really like it, but I had to read his press release over a couple of times before I actually connected in my mind that he has collaborated with his "alter ego", Cast. I'm going to go with it because this EDM style experimental track is well produced and touchingly strange. You should get into Woolymammoth and Cast.

See which one of the egos you like best and ride the musical wave as far as your heart desires. -je



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