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Tumbleweed Wanderers Release New Single - Into the Mines

The San Francisco based psych blues band, Tumbleweed Wanderers have released a new single entitled, Into the Mines. In our humble opinion, Into the Mines is a turning point in the sound of Tumbleweed Wanderers. This crisp, ethereal track is very different from their past collection of music which has a sound that is mainly infused with heavy blues rhythms and psych folk anthems. Into the Mines takes on an experimental indie sound, touching on elemental styles that can be compared to Panda Bear and the early music of The Shins. This is not an insult. In fact, the full and potent production of this new track and the new creative take on the band's general style is impressive and transformative.

Into the Mines is a refreshing track that's going to cleanse your musical palette like orange sorbet on a hot summer's day! This song is the second single from the band's upcoming album, Realize, due out on June 9th. You can receive Into the Mines as a free track if you pre-order the full album, Realize here.


Jean Jeanie of Future Twin Plays Solo Show at Artist Television Access - 4/29

Jean Jeanie, the lead singer of the San Francisco based soul-gaze band, Future Twin will be playing an intimate solo show at Artist Television Access in the Mission District of San Francisco on April 29th. She'll be performing a set of "aleatoric / chance-controlled music" (music in which some element of the composition is left to chance or is left to the determination of its performer) at 8 pm, so make sure you get there early!

We're always keeping an eye out for unique events around the Bay Area, and if you love Jean Jeanie's confident, soulful voice, you should certainly experience her in a new artistic element. This upcoming show is a charitable event and closing reception for "Better Homes and Gardens Today", an art show featuring: Megan Wilson & Christopher Statton in collaboration with the Gubbio Project and Coalition on Homelessness

If you're completely attached to the "tried and true", Future Twin is playing TONIGHT at Rickshaw Stop. Click here for our coverage of tonight's gig! 


Known to Collapse Release New Music Video

Oakland based indie folk music project, Known to Collapse just released a super well done music video. Music project creator and musician, Kevin Lehner and his crew did not skimp on production value with this imaginative narrative that is the music video for his single, Circulated Undercover Ground.

Circulated Undercover Ground takes you on a trippy ride by displaying strong storytelling through great acting and clear imagery. Putting together a great music video is not as easy as it looks, but Known to Collapse makes the feat look effortless.

If you'd like to help the band realize more of their goals, you can contribute to their Indiegogo campaign.


Snow Angel Prepares to Release Debut 7 Inch & Plays Bottom of the Hill - 4/22

San Francisco based psych dream pop band, Snow Angel will be releasing their debut 7 inch single, So Sick So Cool on April 22nd. Snow Angel, which features Les Claypool protégé and sitar player, Gabby La La will be celebrating the release of their album at Bottom of the Hill on April 22nd. The dynamic psych rock band, Be Calm Honcho will be supporting Snow Angel at their album release show.

Do your best to support this hard working Bay Area band. They're self releasing their album, so buy a record and return all they've given to make their art and entertain the world!


Terry Malts and Skate Laws Support Disappears at Rickshaw Stop - 4/6

The larger than life Bay Area based noise punk band, Terry Malts will be performing in support of the Chicago based Kranky Records post experimental band, Disappears at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on April 6th. We at the Deli get excited about all the shows we cover, but we're completely buzzing over this one.

The San Francisco based Lofi punk noise band, Skate Laws will open, making the entire show an unhinged night of aggressive minimal noise music (it sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not). Make sure you don't get the idea that this bill is a showcase of inexperienced underground bands. These bands are seasoned, their songs are tight and well crafted, and they put on a thrilling show!

Disappears should not be missed. They're going to create sounds and atmospheric vibes you've probably never heard before. Head down to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on April 6th!



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