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Rigsketball Musicfest 2017 is in Full Swing

For all the great, DIY happenings in town, Rigsketball is definitely one of the best. Combining friendly competition with one of the more frequented pastimes around, Rigsketball's tournaments are nearing their end, and they've got some good musical acts accompanying them. 

The first day of the music fest, along with the slimming down the finalists through eight rounds, took place last night. Boone Howard, Kulululu, Kyle Craft and the Woolen Men all rang the first night of the fest, with tonight taking it to the next level.

Rigsketball is taking over the Eagles Lodge again tonight for the semifinals, with performances from Bleach Blonde Dudes, Ghost Frog, Lavender Flu and Cat Hoch

As always, Rigsketball is entirely free. Games start in just a couple hours at 6pm and music starts at 8pm. Head down to southeast again tomorrow for the tournament finals, Melt's EP release and sets from Malt Lizard, Tribe Mars, Candace, Donte Thomas and Chanti Darling

A drum and trigger redemption for Don Gero

   *photo by Corbin Corbin

He's the solo artist that's been around for nearly a decade who may have flown under your radar. Better yet, it's quite possible you've heard his music or seen him perform before without knowing exactly who he is. But Don Gero has been around for awhile, and he's deserving of all the attention he's gotten over the years.

Since 2008, Zach D'Agostino has created textured clamor in a palatable way, utilizing only modular synths and unabating drum beats in his creations. Though it's basically just him and his instruments, D'Agostino is interactive and engaging with his surroundings, keeping his sets entertaining and every way. He stylistically blends experimental noise with psych rock elements in ways to keep ears engaged as well.

D'Agostino hasn't been back in town for long since his early summer US tour with Rust Promoter, so he's likely taking some time to work on his new project Sea Moss, but give Wizarding a listen below in the meantime.

Take some 'Time' out for the Toads

The Toads were always a favorite. With their newest album, Time, they've solidified that even more. 

Time still operates the same pop-punk plane The Toads usually skirt on, but with a slight twist. It's not just delightfully punky tunes anymore, but also an incorporation of more of a 90's alternative feel to the tracks. At times, Time even touches on a Beatles-esque '60s pop quality, like on the track "Alien Gene."

You can catch The Toads performing again 8.3 at Bunk Bar with Plastic Cactus and Slow Caves. They'll be playing a few shows around here and Washington before taking a brief hiatus at the end of September for a few weeks, but there will be plenty of opportunities to see these bad boys live before then. In the meantime, stream Time below.

It's an 8 bit kind of world with Yousef Hatlani's new album

There are certain things in life that are eternally iconic. For most of the senior millennial crowd, that happens to be old school video games. Just as important as the visuals of these games were the sounds that came with it, many of these theme songs often soundtracking our dreams after endless hours of playing. Photographer, webmaster and music appreciator Yousef Hatlani found those notes influential and decided to make a whole album in tribute to them.

Bit by Bit is Hatlani's debut album, where he transforms these retro game tracks into real songs. Hatlani performed, engineered and mastered Bit by Bit's 10 songs on his own in his apartment over the span of several months. He takes on quite a few game songs in his endeavors, like "Dire, Dire Docks" from Super Mario 64, "Spring Yard Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog and "Tammy" from Street Fighter II, among others.

Its production is perfect and sounds amazing no matter how you listen to it, but the optimum experience can be had listening to it through headphones. Enjoy it below.

Born Upset do the most with their feelings

Around Portland, it's easy to think that most of its inhabitants were born upset about something. Comment sections and beer-fueled bar discussions would prove this much to be true, but there's one duo out here that do a little something more with their frustrations. 

Made up of Kylee Glover on guitar, Hayden Alminiana on drums and both sharing vocal forte, Born Upset list their complaints through punky yells, snarky lyrics and raw hooks. One could easily get caught up in the catchiness of tracks without getting immediately caught up in the expressive aggression, but that's part of what makes the duo's music so infectious. It has a point, but the point isn't so blatant that it detracts from the actual product, which is likely part of why you voted the one of your favorite bands of the month.

Catch Born Upset along with Way Worse and a mystery guest over at The Chum Bucket on 8.24 for $5. Until then, listen to their self titled March release below.


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