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"Butter" up with Foxy Lemon

 “Butter” is the fuzzed out new track from Foxy Lemon, and the overall sound harkens back to a different time for music. Would it have seemed out of place to hear a song like this at Altamont or Woodstock? It doesn’t seem so. Their stellar organ melodies and fuzzed out guitar riffs fit right alongside the Portland garage rock scene, but stand out from the crowd by capturing the iconic feel of classic American rock music. If ever there is a remake of Dazed and Confused, “Butter” would undoubtedly make it onto the soundtrack. This single is the first teaser from their forthcoming extended single, Jelly, which will undoubtedly maintain the same heavy, catchy crispness as this first release. You can catch Foxy Lemon at The Know on December 19th with Maszer and Spirit Lake.

 -Sarah Eaton



Show your cat love with Moshow

In all things deemed "typical Portland," a slew of our news outlets, including KGW and Willamette Week, have covered local rap artist Moshow over the past couple days. Setting aside Moshow's ability to flow at the drop of a hat, his particularly adorable schtick is the predominant facet of his viral appeal. Winning the most clever approach to music ever, Moshow is Portland's feminist cat rapper. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Yes, a feminist cat rapper. Those three words could not be more Portland once they're put all together. He climbed the viral ladder quickly on his Instagram, posting clips of himself spitting that fire with his main ladies, three Sphynx kitties named Sushi, MegaMam and Tali, along with cat memes and pictures of other cat lovers. He says he identifies with the hairless beauties. "They kind of remind me of myself. I'm kind of a human Sphynx," he told KGW, also stating how much he loves "crazy cat ladies."

Moshow supports cat lovers of all varieties, but shouts out men specifically with his "Men Love Cats Monday" theme on his Instagram. "I want guys to man up and show your love for cats," he says. 

Since our gloomy town reigns when it comes to cat owning residents, I imagine most of you will enjoy his YouTube channel.

-Cervante Pope


Get hardcore for the cause

When it comes to Portland's underground hardcore scene, the kids turn out, turn up and get rowdy. All in good fun, though. Our punky paradise, Black Water, will be staging the likes of Young Turks, Unrestrained, Raw Nerves, Frontflip, and a yet to be announced band for the sake of a good cause. On top of being a great excuse to circle pit, the show on Saturday, December 12th is doubling as an adoption fundraiser to help a local family expand. 

Tickets are $10 and the shows at 8pm. Click the link above to learn more about the cause and see how you can help bring that little boy to his new home!

-Cervante Pope


Disenchanter signs to DHU Records!

Earlier this week, metal maestros Disenchanter announced their brutal new alignment with DHU Records. Dark Hedonistic Union Records will be releasing the vinyl version of their late summer opus, Strange Creations, come 2016. DHU teases a "grand release," "limited editions" and some new art in a post on their Facebook page, only making fans consumed with an even higher level of anticipation for next year's release. 

Check out Strange Creations below and keep an eye on the Disenchanter and Dark Hedonistic Union Record's pages for the latest news.

-Cervante Pope  


Enjoy Mr. Bones' new "Do You Wanna Feel Alright"

Mr. Bones has been the lo-fi, garagey, pop punky delight that we've all needed to get us a little rowdy here in Portland. The Deli mentioned them back in February, when their self titled debut tape came out off Good Cheer Records. We're bringing the boys of Mr. Bones today to debut the new single of their upcoming album, Bites, due out some time early next year. "Do You Wanna Feel Alright" is a minute and 45 seconds worth of refreshingly pleasant garage pop that is damn near impossible not to get into. 

"Do You Wanna Feel Alright" premiered on THRDCOAST and can be listened to here.

The Mr. Bones dudes will be playing at the Analog Cafe and Theater December 13, so give the track a listen and come ready to have a good time.

-Cervante Pope



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