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Best of Philly Open Contest Results

Happy 2010 Philly folks! Where does the time go? We really needed that end of the year break. Well, it wasn’t that much of a break because we’ve been working hard behind the scenes getting things ready for our Best of Philly Poll. We just finished collecting the nominations from our knowledgeable and attractive panel of jurors. If you’d like to learn more about our voting process, please check out the rules here. While we are organizing the list of nominees, we wanted to announce the winners of our Open Contest. For those unaware, this Open Contest is the part of our Best of Philly Poll that nominates artists through an open submission system - while the majority of our finalists are freely selected by a jury of local bloggers, promoters and scenemakers.

We’d like to thank all the artists who participated in our Open Contest. This was not an easy decision to make for The Deli writers, which is a testament to our amazing music scene. We are happy to announce that Grandchildren, Orbit to Leslie, Levee Drivers, Prowler and The Circadian Rhythms have been selected to join our jurors’ list of nominees, and special congratulations to Grandchildren who were the overall winners of our Open Contest! (Photo by Tiffany Yoon)
Nominated for the Next Phase:
1. Grandchildren – 9.1
2. Orbit to Leslie – 8.5
3. Levee Drivers – 8.2
4. Prowler – 8.1
5. The Circadian Rhythms – 8.1
Keep an eye on our poll over to the right, as it will soon be populated with all the bands nominated for our bigger Best of Philly Poll.
- The Deli Staff




Extended Weekend Warrior, December 31 - January 3

We extended our Weekend Warrior to include New Year’s Eve because after all it is New Year’s Eve, and honestly, we are all going to be too banged up to do shit tomorrow! We hope that you will be the same. We wanted to thank everybody for all your positive words, energy and support. Philly’s indie music scene had a great 2009, but stay tuned because we are confident that 2010 will have plenty more for us to talk about. Just a heads up about things that we have planned for January. Look out for The Deli’s Best of Philly Poll coming out after this weekend (we think that you will be very surprised who our juror of local scene-makers have nominated), and cast your vote for your favorite local artists! We’ll also have a sweet new layout for our page! Besides covering for you what we feel are some of the most interesting local acts, we will also be presenting them live in concert for your aural enjoyment. We’ll be presenting Orbit to Leslie’s CD Release Party on Friday, Jan 15th at Johnny Brenda’s with Aderbat, Grimace Federation and Power Animal. We’ll also be hanging on Thursday, Jan. 21st at Kung Fu Necktie with Ape School, New Motels, The Circadian Rhythms and Brooklyn’s Savior Adore. And starting Friday, Jan. 29th, The Bellvue Hotel has asked us to put on live concert showcases called “The Deli’s Lunchtime Escape” at noon every last Friday of the month for all you music lovers who need a break from your 9-to-5 in Center City. All this is just January, folks! We are really looking forward to 2010, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is plenty of partying to be done tonight. But if you’re thing happens to be futuristic dance parties, then Dave P and R5’s 2010: A Making Time Odyssey FREAK OUT at The Barbary might the place to find that hot hipster chick/dude that you’d like to risk catching swine flu from at midnight. Go ahead and live dangerous! Happy New Year! The Barbary, 951 Frankford Ave., 9pm, 21+ r5productions.com/
More NYE and weekend events…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) THURS DJ Elton Jawn (Brian from Papertrigger) and DJ Jawn Ritter (Chris from Pattern Is Movement)
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) THURS The Sounds of the Kaleidoscope and The Company Corvette
The Khyber (56 S 2nd St.) THURS Philadelphia Slick and Mechanical Minds, FRI Blood Diner 2
Tritone (1508 South St.) THURS West Philadelphia Orchestra
World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut St.) THURS (Upstairs) Slo-mo and The Donuts, FRI (Downstairs) Peek-A-Boo Revue, SAT (Upstairs) Conservative Man, Sky Ship, Eat Your Birthday Cake, (Downstairs) Wyldlyfe and Boy Wonder
M Room (15 W. Girard Ave.) SAT Party Photographers


December 2009
Power Animal
"“Female Wrestler” EP

Keith Hampson, a.k.a. Power Animal, recently released Female Wrestler EP, a CD-R full of his signature avant-garde experimental pop. The homemade packaging is endearing with a copy of hand written lyrics inside bringing insight and confusion to the meanings behind his songs. The words flow in dark biting stream of consciousness as he melodically drops oddly memorable lines like "with a smile that could cure a cancer a chip in your tooth from the boy that hit you" found in opener and title track "Female Wrestler" with its airy synth disco accompanied by jack hammer drumline beats. The industrial/mechanical feel of the drums is a theme prevalent throughout the album. Hampson's songwriting style brings to mind the subdued intellectual calm of Andrew Bird with the experimental heart-of-a-dancer nature of David Byrne. Other standout tracks include the catchy seep into your subconscious "I'm Tired," the angel choir glorious "Make Me Proud," alternative 80's bopping "Joey Fatone Birthday Cake," and "Dogs Don't Get Into Arguments" which sounds like Musical Youth (you know the "Pass the Dutchie" kids) hopped up on drugs and alcohol going ape shit on you. Sound interesting? Take a listen to Power Animal's Female Wrestler EP for yourself! - Q.D. Tran - Website

Album Review: Tonight, Let's Pretend - The Great Unknown

Tonight, Let’s Pretend is a work of meticulous beauty. The Great Unknown, four local Philly gentlemen, have always been good at making folk rock something stimulating and fresh, which, considering how tired the outfit is, is no small feat. This full length album of songs is no exception, and demonstrates a fine level of craftsmanship. The orchestration of the multitude of string instruments is fantastic, smoothly forming that feeling of rolling the windows down on a long ride through the country. Banjoes, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and lap steel interplay for a dreamy southern twang - swelling and slowing with emotion. Military beats can sometimes be heard, and in other instances, a clear and driving force of drums as well as other percussions that give the music the perfect accent. A sense of loss can be found amidst the tunes in lyrics written by the whole band. “I’m Not Listening,” for instance, which happens to be my personal favorite song on the album, contains a message of loneliness after separation: “Earthquakes and hurricanes, the ruins spell your name, I’m not looking.” Heartbreaking lyrics such as these add a whole other element to Tonight, Let’s Pretend. The endearingly sincere vocals heard throughout this album make it so much more relatable, making you feel every word intoned. It’s an honest album, with no glitz or glam, but by relying on pure, raw talent, The Great Unknown have written one of my favorite albums of the year. myspace.com/thegreatunknownband - James Sanderson


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