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Open Contest Result: AVANT INDIE + SHOEGAZER + NOISE ROCK: Monogold + The Vandelles


Categories: Avant Indie - Shoegazer - Noise Rock
Region: NYC + NJ + Long Island
Jurors: Deli Chicago, New England and Philadelphia Editors

1. Monogold - 8.33
1. The Vandelles - 8.33
2. Dinosaur Feathers - 7.66

[The Vandelles]

Werewolves, Von Haze.


Open Contest Result: INDIE POP + ELECTRONIC + WORLD.: Catarina Dos Santos + The Paper Raincoat

[Catarina Dos Santos]

Region: NYC + NJ + Long Island
Jurors: Deli Portland, New England and Philadelphia Editors

1. Catarina Dos Santos - 8.333
1. The Paper Raincoat - 8.333
3. Savoir Adore - 8.166
4. Miracles of Modern Science - 7.666

Pow Wow!, Brit & the Cavalry, A Big Yes and a small no, Twin Sister


Open Contest Result: ROOTSY + FOLK + SONGWRITERS: April Smith + Motel Motel

[April Smith and the Great Picture Show]

Categories: Rootsy - Folk - Songwriters
Region: NYC + NJ + Long Island
Jurors: Deli SF,LA and Philadelphia Editors

1. April Smith - 8.5
1. Motel Motel - 8.5
3. Jones Street Station - 7.833
3. Julie Peel - 7.833
4. Midnight Masses - 7.5

[Motel Motel]


Hymns, No Eye Contact, Quiet Loudly, Kagero, Numbers and Letters


NYC Artists on the rise: Break of Reality

Finally! Something classic and clean streaming through my ear buds. Break of Reality is exactly what their name implies. A break from all of this indie rock madness and a step into the simple eloquent pleasures of a striking clan of cellos. Maybe I’m biased because I played the bowed 4 string as a youngen, but nothing beats the sound of a cello - listen to the bow's horsehair passionately caressing the strings! These guys are ripping their instruments to shreds with passion - it’s gold! This is cello music you can bang your head to. - CS


Dough Gillard plays Mercury on 01.05

This album could very well be a relic from the 1960s.  Doug Gillard is like the Cat Stevens of 2009 with his deep (sometimes robotic monotone) vocals and classic guitar oldies sound. And he has the music cred to back up his solo endeavors having been a guitarists for Death of Samantha, Lifeguards, Gem, Cobra Verde, Guided by Voices, the list goes on.  He has something special to offer as a soloist and Call From Restricted is a chance to hear the pure Gillard sans collaborations.  So if you thought his first solo Salamander [2004] was a gem, just play “Time is Nigh” for a song that could very well be on the Harold & Maude soundtrack. Doug Gillard plays the Mercury Lounge on January 05 - CS


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