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Drowned in Sound: DiS meets Perfume Genius
Drowned in Sound: Various - Hyperdub 10.3
Stereogum: POP Vs. Jock

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Weekend Roundup

Here's a sampling of events happening this weekend.


Somehow, all 11 members of the Kansas Bible Company are going fit on stage at The Basement.  We reccomend going just for the spectacle. The Hot Tub Club, DJ Jazzy Jazz, CASHATT, Future Daze join the lineup, 9pm, $5 

Roman Polanski's Baby, Waxed, Chainshot and Bad Ladies at The End, 9pm, $5

Cory Chisel, Reno Bo, Sarah Potenza at The 5 Spot, 9pm, $5

Music Band, The Nightbeast and Punani Huntah open for Andrew W. K. at Exit/In, 8pm, $15


Quiet Entertainer (orchestra), Undiscover, Hobbledeions, and Self Help at fooBar, 9pm, $5

The Katies, Earl Burrows and Young Hines at The Basement, 9pm, $5

Wagons, Ri¢hie, Shy Guy at The High Watt, 9pm, $10

Feedback Revival, The Pedal Stills, Hot Mess Loves You and Naveah at 12th and Porter, 9pm, $10


Majestico with Jared & The Mill at 3rd and Lindsley, 9pm, $10

The Basement’s Sunday Post includes Shut Up, Future Thieves, Smooth Hound Smith, Alicia Michilli, and Coat Tales, 8pm, free.


Moseley Rocks Out Splashville 7.6

There was a water slide, pools, drinks, fun, and bands at Splashville on July 6th. To say fun is an understatement. It was a return to the way summer felt as a child: exciting, hot, and wet! If there was a roof, Moseley, a trio of bad-ass rocker ladies, would have torn it off. The three got on the stage set outside of The Crying Wolf and people were immediately moved and captivated. The ladies have a great vibe, look, and attitude and their music is amazing to boot. Check them out, especially the track “Faithful.” They really are outstanding. –Amanda Aydelott


MantraMantraMantra, "World on Fire"

While Mantra Mantra Mantra may be out of commission for the rest of the summer as guitarist Greg Dorris heads out on tour with another project, they left us with this single as a holdover. "World on Fire" has enough depth to fortify us through at least some of the dog days. It pushes into experimental electronica territory with an aesthetic anchor (read as: they get a little weird but keep it right pretty.) There's plenty to chew on in the span of five minutes; the track is a series of ascents and lulls, with the intensity backing off a little only to make the next wave more powerful, and the saxophone jamming out for the whole thing keeps a thread of consistency while amplifiying the awesomeness. Keep an eye out for their next wave of shows here, and dig into the rest of their releases here. -Terra James-Jura


Summer 2014. NYC Issue #39
(10 Year Anniversary!)
Read it here

I'm an Island, "Crown Jewel Pt. 2"

I'm an Island just released their debut EP "Crown Jewel" July 1st. The collected works of mastermind J. Gardner are absolutely season-appropriate; much of the lazy guitar across these 4 songs is a pretty good approximation of how wobbly and distorted the boom box on the dock sounds as you're surfacing from a running dive off of it.  Especially endearing is "Crown Jewel Pt. 2." The pendulum swings a little more towards Vampire Weekend than Will Oldham on this track, but both elements remain present, as they do for the duration of the EP.  Gardner has hit upon a distinct vibe, and it is going to be a pleasure to hear more from I'm an Island (especially in the dead of winter.) Check out the whole EP here. -Terra James-Jura


Weekend Roundup

Here are some suggested events after you get your fill of barbeque and first-degree burns on the 4th.


The Other Basement is having their last hurrah with the Hotdog Independence Goodbye.  Mom and Dad, S.N.O.D., Jawws, Idle Bloom, Gunther Doug and Ttotals are among the lineup.  1pm


The Paranormals have their album release show for "Tomahawk" at The High Watt with The Cunning and Commitment Bells, 8pm, $5.

I'm an Island, The Plastic Bags and Twin Bed play The Stone Fox, 9pm, $5,

Bad Sports, Radioactivity, D. Watusi and Waxed play at Fond Object 7pm, $5

Bedroom, Asian Grandmother, The White Walls and Neon Black play The End, 9pm, $5


*repeat repeat, Escondido and Moseley play The Crying Wolf's 4th of July celebration,  12pm-7pm, free.

Bad Suns and Colony House play 3rd and Lindsley, 9pm, $10



The Spectacular Summer Spectacle at Exit/In 7.3

The Spectacular Summer Spectacle is happening in Nashville on Fourth of July Eve, or, if you want to be normal about it, July 3rd. As much of a toungue-twister it is to say, it will be a night of easy listening and a good time. The bands playing are The Heavy Heavy Hearts, Guthrie Brown and the Family Tree, Hot Mess Loves You, and 2013 Deli Nashville Reader's Choice winners The Daily Howl. We had a hard time picking out a track that says "fireworks" until we heard "Lock Down a Lover" by The Heavy Heavy Hearts.  This night of Nashville fun will be at the Exit/In this Thursday at 8pm. Cover is 5 dollars and there will be a door prize to the biggest beach bum. So, of course, wear your beach clothes out! –Amanda Aydelott


On a Friday night of December 2004, at Manhattan venue Sin-e' in Attorney Street, an emerging NYC band with a home recorded debut album played The Deli's launch party. It was a packed crowd and everyone was holding the first issue of The Deli, whose cover these upstarts were gracing. That band was Grizzly Bear. It remains one of the most exciting nights of my life, the night I understood that this magazine had a shot at being here to stay.

Now, this ten-year anniversary issue hopes to be a(nother) celebration of this great scene, in a less cluttered, more narratorial and visually appealing form thanks to art critic Brian Chidester's work as a guest editor. This issue also comes with my deep hope for NYC to keep churning out exceptional music of all kinds for the foreseeable future.


Paolo De Gregorio,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

The cover of the 1st Issue of The Deli (December 2004)


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