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Ttotals tour the west coast

Nashville's psychedelic trio Ttotals might have not released any new material in two years, but that's not preventing them from going on tour - maybe becuse their 2014 record 'Let Everything Come Through' is an drone rock gem that deserves to be brought to the genre's fans one at a time. The group leftr on October 7 for Charlotte, NC, and will drive north and then south again to hit NYC, Boston and then Philly and Harrisbourrg, VA, with a final date in Lexington, KY on October 14. Fans of Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are advised.

Mountainwalker brings genre bending folk to Acme Feed & Seed on 10/11

Combining trippy, layered back beats with smooth vocal hooks, Mountainwalker is a genre-bending folk musician whose rich lyricism has us totally hooked. Utilizing complex rhyme schemes and elements from psych and indie rock the Nashville-based artist's musical approach is unique if not a little unorthodox. Either way, we're major fans. Check out Mountainwalker at the Acme Feed & Seed 10/11 alongside The Medium and Devon Gilfillian and listen to "What You Got" off his latest release Parlor Songs streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

Halfnoise releases ‘Sudden Feeling,’ goes on a 4 week US tour

Turn up the noise! Or should I say “half” noise? Nashville’s Zac Farro is coming at us with his downright hypnotic indie pop album Sudden Feeling, the third release of Farro’s solo project, Halfnoise. One could simply melt away into the multifarious pad, lead, and bass synths that swirl, swell, and shimmer over a percussive hodgepodge—not to mention Farro’s smooth, velvety tenor vocals as they proclaim the sorrows, losses, and loves of times past. The sound is quite reminiscent of The Postal Service’s solemn vibes shrouded in a lighthearted aesthetic. Just take a listen to the album’s title track (streaming below) and you’ll know what I mean. And in case you need another taste we've added his single In The Summer down below as well. Halfnoise is touring the states this Fall, so grab a copy of Sudden Feeling to help you wait out his arrival. - Ashley Muniz


Phobos releases debut album and plays Rocketown 10/7

The Phobos moon is a satellite from Mars, so it makes sense that the spacey-sounding Nashville-based astro-prog band would go under the same name. On their latest album, I, Phobos explores major post-rock vibes, and tasty math-rock tinged licks that sound totally out of this world. Listen to their track "Yearn and Memorize" streaming below and check them out at Rocketown 10/7 with Polyphia and I, Griever.-Olivia Sisinni

Shanshala debuts in style with "Closed"

We talked a bit about Shanshala when the behemoth collaborative effort Creepier Than Family dropped early this year and we've been low-key creeping on those social media channels to see what would come next. Next has come, and it's taken the form of the full-length Closed. It's an eclectic album taking fruits from the disparate branches of the musical tree and coating them with a thick, hallucinatory goop that binds it all together. Highly recommended if you're the kind of person who people have learned not to ask what kind of music they enjoy. -Austin Phy


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