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Patrick Kinsley & a Fistfull of Dollars, "Back in Illinois"

We're kicking off this week by digging into this new single (released June 5th ) by songwriter Patrick Kinsley and his band Fistful of Dollars. His debut track, "Back in Illinois" from his upcoming album "For a Thousand Miles" threw us for a loop; our lizard brains had already formed its opinion of what a country-leaning musician outta Nashville was going to sound like, so we were not prepared to catch echoes of Patterson Hood and Jay Farrar in this ode to the lonesome life of a truck-driving man.  Kinsley also comes across as refreshingly self-effacing, with the first line of his bio reading "Patrick Kinsley is a pretty lousy guitar player and sings just well enough to carry a tune." Even if this were true, Kinsley can pen a pretty compelling tune, and we love anything with some slide guitar. There is a video currently in the works, so keep checking www.patrickkinsley.com for updates!



Renaissance Fair, "I Hope You're Doing Well"

Check out this debut single from brand-spanking new band of (mostly) brothers Renaissance Fair. Formerly operating under the moniker Cavalier, the band changed their name shortly after packing up and making the move from Memphis to Music City. They are currently in the midst of recording an EP, and this first single is an intro of what's to come. The track, "Hope You're Doing Well" kicks of with some thrashing guitars that echo the experimetal turn emo was starting to take just around the year 2000 (i.e., it ought to appeal to fans of Braid or The Promise Ring) before detailing, with no shortage of snark, the dodging of a potential bullet. The band is playing a show this Friday at Rocketown along with You Me and Everyone We Know, Daisyhead, and Future Crooks, so dust off your board, get an early start (the show is at 6pm) and check them out! -Terra James-Jura



Congratulations to Groove Circus, Our New Artist of the Month

Congratulations to Goove Circus, our newest Artist of the Month! The band has been kicking around Nashville since 2012, billing themselves as "rock/funk" which doesn't neccessarily do justice to the sophistication of their sound, which is carried on languid reggae rhythms and jazz-inspired noodling, and, before a listener is completely overwhelmed by mental images of white men in dreadlocks, a perfectly executed turn into aggressive rock and roll. We particular fans the flow of "Knot Ain't Pretty," embedded below. Their debut album, "Duane's Basement," sets an overarching mood perfect for mischief sweltering summer nights, which makes RIGHT NOW the perfect time to check out this band. -Terra James-Jura



Show Alert: Chalaxy and Blackfoot Gypsies at Mercy Lounge 5.30

Got plans this weekend? Cancel them, because you belong at Mercy Lounge this Saturday night. This night consists of a double dose of Deli favorites: tribal noise hipsters Chalaxy are celebrating the release of their moody psychedelic single "Dizzy" and are premiering a newly revamped live set. Joining the night are Nashville standbys Blackfoot Gypsies, who have their own big excitements from a recent record deal with Plowboy Records and a new video for "Under my Skin" to boot (check it out below.) We're stoked to see these two merry bands of hustlers in one night, and are equally excited to catch Matt Owen & Eclectic Tuba and Levi Ray for the first time. Saturday's show kicks off at 9pm and will only set you back $5. -Terra James-Jura



Summer Palace, "Rotator"

We had this curiosity come across our desk recently, and we're slowly being pulled into the meticulous soundscape of "Rotator" by avant-indie group Summer Palace. Delivered to us via our Open Submissions page with about as much fanfare as there is info about this mysterious individual(s?), we're digging it for two reasons: it is 6 tracks of graceful experimentation with looping, harmonies and repetition, and the lack of an online presence suppresses our usual need to know the background of a group and the inevitable judgements we tend to pass in the research process. So we give props to Summer Palace for freeing up our minds to simple enjoy the aural stimlulation, which is currently lighting up the same drool-inducing sypapses as someone dragging their nails over our scalp (seriously, we could fall into a sweet, dreamless sleep to final track "Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.")  We'll leave you with opener "Do I Do All I Can" and let you pass your own judgement. -Terra James-Jura




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