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Congratulations to The Ignorist, Our New Artist of the Month

We're happy to announce The Ignorist as our newest Artist of the Month. The band hing out in the rear until mid-poll, when a surge of votes bimped them up into the lead and kept them there. We're thrilled to have them gracing the top of our little blog, so that anyone that ventures to click on the header will be similarly transported back to 1995. The Ignorist, though a generation or two behind, are dead ringers for the whole lo-fi college scene. We love the scewing guitars on their album "There is No Vacancy." We can't wait to hear more from these gentlemen, and we're going to use this blog as a platform to demand that they play out so we can buy them a beer. -Terra James-Jura



Show Alert: Blue Matches at Exit/In 12.6

 We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday; our fingers may be cramped from our so-called "team-building" retreat that consisted of hours and hours of updating our local charts with the rest of the Deli editors, punctuated by the random "unifying" exercises like nature hikes or painting our Editor-in-Chief's house. But anyway, we're happy to be back, and we're looking forward to this show: Blue Matches at Exit/In this Saturday. 

We love these guys not just because they won our Artist of the Month poll a while back, but also because of frontwoman Michelle Marston's formidable pipe's and the fact that this band has more hustle than a 5th grade basketball team that no one thought would make it to the playoffs. This Saturday looks like a solid indie-punk lineup, with other faves The Daily Howl, Case Study and The Notion rounding out the bill. Here's the second track from Blue Matches recent album starting over to get you amped for the weekend. -Terra James-Jura




Beef Oven at The East Room 11.26

A band has to be good when their name makes you giggle a tiny bit. Beef Oven is fairly new on the scene, having released their 6-track EP "Gimme the Blood" just this past June. Recorded by none other than Ben Spinks (of Supermelt fame), the EP grinds out some fuzzed-to-the-max jams with just the barest trace of blues and surf. Beef Oven is among the lineup for the second edition of 2 Jung 2 Dye's Book Swap this Wednesday night (aka Thanksgiving Eve.) Phantom Farmer and Shoot the Mountain round out the bill; bring a book that you would like to share with a total stranger in hopes that it will bring the same joy into their life as it did your. Wednesday's show starts at 8pm at The East Room. Dig our favorite track off "Gimme the Blood" to get in the spirit. -Terra James-Jura


Hotel War's New Music Video "Devil's Breath"

Hotel War dropped this little nugget last week: the official video for their single "Devil's Breath." The song is off their EP "Nashville Nights," released earlier this month. The video plays out like a grainy, kung-fu B-movie, with the band gallantly saving an innocent woman from the clutches of some sort of Hell's Angels Don (they drive home the point that: goatee + pony tail = clearly up to no good.) The fight choreography is shit, but the song is great. Actually, the whole EP is one wallop of screeching rock and roll, and definitely worth a listen (check it out HERE.) The trio are already back in the studio cooking up their next batch of badassery, and will be appearing on December 19th for The Stone Fox's 3rd Annual Christmas Caroling Show. -Terra James-Jura



Show Review: Fly Golden Eagle at Queen Art Collective 11.15

October 14th marked the release of Fly Golden Eagle's "Quartz," a 26-track odyssey inspired by 1973 art-flick "Holy Mountain." A month later, after an LA release and an epic fall tour they brought it home to Nashville. The Deli caught the last show in a weekend full of performances, a stacked lineup including Faux Ferocious, Chrome Pony, and Clear Plastic Masks put on at Meth Dad HQ Queen Art Collective. Read more about the evening by clicking HERE, and listen to the scaled-down, stand-alone accompanying Fly Golden Eagle release "Quartz Bijou" below.


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