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Carey debuts self-titled EP

Sun's out, major scale runs out, yeah? Carey's self-titled debut EP is one to drown out the sound of the AC at home or in the car. Quality power pop is the name of the game here, but things get a little sludgier than expected at various points, like The Cars by way of Dinosaur Jr., with some real fuzzy guitars and heavy pacing giving it a heavier bottom than forward-driven numbers like these usually like to flaunt. -Austin Phy


Tower Defense unveils "Stay Inside" EP; release show this Saturday (3.26)

We previewed a single the latest from Tower Defense about this time last month, at the time calling it "Devo with a short circuit." Those frantic late-70's new wave leanings that drew us initially are present throughout the whole EP, giving an urgency to the whole affair. It's remarkably robotic, in the most enjoyable way. Even the guitars are fuzzed out to the point that they sound less like stringed instruments and more like you're being admonished for entering the wrong password on some kind of outdated terminal.

See Tower Defense at the 5 Spot this Saturday (03.26) with garage punkers Vamptones and human safety hazards Hans Condor. -Austin Phy


Weekend Workout: Killer shows tonight (03.20) at Soft Junk and East Room

If you just so happen to be at the narrow crossroads of "training for a marathon" and "working on my PBR shotgunning speed," then boy do we have a game plan for you.

You're gonna want to start out at Soft Junk, where Fly Golden Eagle is kicking things up at 7:30. They're playing a stacked bill with solo sets from Peter Stringer-Hye and Joey Plunkett (of Promised Land Sound and JP5, respectively), with Lionlimb rounding the night out. Hang out there and take full advantage of that BYOB designation until about 9, when you'll need to start checking in with your pals who couldn't be assed to leave their apartments for the early show and instead skipped right to the Cold Lunch Recordings-produced show over at The East Room. That's where you'll be able to indulge in some delicious 60's fetishism with The Jag, Crease Reader, and Lasso Spells. From there it's up to you to play it by ear, but the whole jaunt between the two is only 0.6 miles and I know there's at least one little booze stop between the two to keep you stocked with the vitamins you need. 

What we're looking at is basically a de facto locals-only Gallatin Ave music fest tonight, so check it out and say 'sup to the buddies you almost definitely have in one or more of the bands involved. -Austin Phy

Tennessee Scum teases next album with "Ruin"

Do you have two minutes and maybe an entire neighborhood to burn? Dig the cockroaches out of your ears and turn them toward "Ruin," the first single off an upcoming full length from Boro punk staples Tennessee Scum. Gone are the surf leanings of previous Scum releases, instead taking full advantage of a slimmer studio lineup and the addition of Wes Mitchell—former drummer of the now-defunct Megajoos, a band whose demise has inspired many 40s to be poured from my own porch in tribute—to turn the fury up as high as the knob goes.  As is tradition with Tennessee Scum tracks, this one burns out fast but leaves a mark for a long, long time.

Catch them at Charlie Bob's on April 1, lest you yourself be the April fool for missing out. -Austin Phy


RIFFT crushes with "Something Other Than the Earth"

Something Other Than the Earth is a to-the-point package of what you really want when you're in a doom metal mood—to hell with subtlety; just give me the heavy. It's all here: thunderous guitars bellowing over a tundra of broken amps, intricate, twisting solos giving way to gut-churning chords, and Lovecraftian horrors explored in no particular hurry through track lengths in the double digits. Compound that with some in-your-face drums that would make Steve Albini cry (or whatever the max setting on his emotion dial looks like) and you've got an album with the heft and velocity to smash a whole city block. -Austin Phy



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