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The Tendoor, "Mama"

Congratulations to The Tendoor, our Band of the Month, on the release of their single, "Mama."

Fearlessly lead by Blake Milliron (of The Burps) and Riley Thayer, the now 8-piece troop is even bigger and badder than before, and their newest cassette release digs deep into the most moody and groovy side of rock and roll. Thayer's bewitching vocals drip over bluesy harmonies and keys, while the rest of the crew gives us the alt/pop/rock vibe we know and love. With a ridiculously catchy chorus and a spine-tingling ending, "Mama" will leave you reaching for the rewind button.

Purchase "Mama" digitally and/or on cassette (along with their B side: "Dragons") at SoundstampMusic.com, and let them knock your socks off at any of their upcoming shows. -Caroline Bowman




Oliver Ocean, "Until I Go"

Some bands are formed out of convenience. Others are built with the intent of fame. But the best are magnetically drawn together, with all of the natural elements needed to create something organic, earnest and beautiful.

Oliver Ocean is one of those fatefully created bands, and their EP "Until I Go" is a luminous showcase of their individual talents and collective creativity. Layering folky harmonies, indie rock guitar riffs and jazz-infused percussion in waves of waxing and waning soundscapes, "Until I Go" is an impressive and refreshing effort.

Hear the full EP below, and see them live this Saturday at Foobar with Only, The Business People and Creature Comfort. -Caroline Bowman



Waterfall Wash Drops Sunshiney "Panama (Reprise)"

 With temperatures rising around East Nashville, nothing's better than a chocolate-drizzled, sprinkle-covered, cherry-topped lo-fi single from hometown indie sweethearts Waterfall Wash.

"Panama (Reprise)" is a follow-up to Foreign Chords, their well-received EP released earlier this year. With Gameboy-esque synth, autoharp and hand claps, the track bends genre lines to fit any beachside playlist.
You can catch Waterfall Wash at The East Room this Sunday, grab a copy of Foreign Chords at SoundstampMusic.com, and cast your vote in Music City Mayhem to see them perform at this year's Live on the Green. -Caroline Bowman

The Dead Deads Release "Lemonade" Video

Did I fall asleep reading Mars Attacks! and listening to party metal? Is The Twilight Zone now populated only by attractive girls with X's over their eyes?
Or did I just watch The Dead Deads' brand new "Lemonade" video?
Directed by Seth Graves, the video is freaky extraterrestrial fun, and "Lemonade" is the best blend of sweet and sour (with a kick of Tito's.)
Watch the video below, and pick up a copy of their latest album Rainbeau at SoundstampMusic.com. -Caroline Bowman



Notable Nashville: Bringing the Best Local Artists to You

Sifting through all the local tunes Music City has to offer can be a little daunting. Luckily, the guys at Notable Nashville have done the digging for you, and they're cranking out interviews and in-studio performances by your new favorite artists in their weekly podcast.
Hosted by Groove Doctor J and produced by Gary Branigan (Palaver Records) and Jordan Johansen, each episode features insightful interviews and acoustic performances with the cream of Nashville's bountiful crop. Pair that with a snappy theme song and Gary's Pick of the Week, and you've got one heck of a program.
Check out this week's episode, featuring singer/songwriter Kiernan McMullen, here.


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