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This is a preview of the new Deli charts - we are working on finalizing them by the end of 2013.

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Congratulations to The Modern Royals, Our New Artist of the Month!

 Congratulations to The Modern Royals, our newest Artist of the Month! The Deli is operating on good faith that the band did not fall back on their Chicago roots with the democratic credo of "vote early, vote often," but instead allowed fans of their psychedelic sex-rock to make it happen.  It was a tight race with modern harpist Natalie Salzman for a moment before The Modern Royals cleaned house.  The band is playing The End on Tuesday, March 11th with Creature Comfort, Kid Freud and Amanda Cramer.  The show starts at 8pm, and cover is $5.  -Terra James-Jura


Humming House Heads to SXSW

Humming House threw a WWII-era newsboy cap into the mess of swing revivalists with their self-titled release in 2012. Since then they have toured the world, warming up crowds with their blend of Irish folk and backwoods stomp for the likes of Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earl and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Their most recent live album “Live at the Red Clay Theater” is available for free download here. SXSW appearances include Twangfest and Rowdy's Saloon on the 15th. This video for “Fly On (Forever is Better With You)” portrays the fun-loving sentimentality that makes the band so entertaining to hear. –Terra James-Jura


Weekend Itinerary

Nashville is hopping this weekend before SXSW, and here’s a handful of what’s happening over the next three days...


This is Night 2 of Freakin’ Weekend V at Exit/In (sorry, The Deli disqualifies Thursday as ‘the weekend,’ however unofficial it may be). Diarrhea Planet, Turbo Fruits, Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders, Hunters, Fox Fun and Deluxin’ play, beginning at 8pm, $15.

Stagolee, The Cunning, The Allen Thompson Band and A La Carte hit the Mercy Lounge at 9pm, $8.

Ponychase throws their LP release show at The Basement with Jasmine Kaset and Pale Pools at 9pm, $5.


Stone Jack Jones will be giving a free in-store performance at Grimey’s at 5pm.

Night 3 of Freakin’ Weekend V. Natural Child, Ex-Cult, Cheap Time, Juan Wauters, The Paperhead, Leather Nightmare and Weekend Babes play The End beginning at 8pm, $15.

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes throw their album release show at Exit/In, with Alanna Royale and Blank Range rounding out the bill. Party starts at 8pm, cover is $10.


Noah Gunderson and Armon Jay are at Mercy Lounge at 8pm, $12.

Terrific lineup for the Sunday Post at The Basement: Coyote Talk, Golden Youth, Sam Hunter, Cardboard Kids and Everyman. Show starts at 8pm, no cover.


ELEL wins Road to Bonnaroo Round 2!

Congratulations to ELEL for winning Round 2 of Road to Bonnaroo this past Monday. Anyone who has caught them around Nashville will not soon forget the spectacle of 8 musicians (or, more specifically, 7 musicians and a very poppin’ Jo Jo Jackson on bass) grooving on stage to their own sexy vibes. The best part about them is that, between the synth and some well-placed hits on a wood block or cowbell, their music would not be too out of place wafting through a hotel lobby or someplace equally inoffensive. This juxtaposition somehow doubles their indie cred. Speaking of duplicates, Nashville’s coolest Muzak band is about to hit the road with *repeat repeat for Iteration Tour 2014, with stops in Austin for SXSW before returning home. “Kiss Kiss” is their latest single. –Terra James-Jura


Austin 2014 issue (SXSW)
Read it here


Cigarette Trees at The East Room 3.20

An exotic blend of instruments, voices, and beautiful lyrics is what Cigarette Trees are all about. The song “The Snows” is whimsical and almost from a transcendental realm, and even a little ominous. Their songs are theatrical and the lyrics are genius. They are the Cigarette Trees and they will be playing at the East Room on March 20. Their sound makes for a wonderful listening experience for everyone. You will not be disappointed! -Amanda Aydelott


Album Review: Panfish, "Demogod"

Wednesday night regulars at Dan McGuinness Pub might be tacking on a few more miles to their drive if they were attending for the sole purpose of seeing Dave Pahanish in action (unless they happen to be East Nasvillians.) He and his band Panfish have moved their hang to The Building for Hump-day Eve. The first show in the new location will be March 5th with special guest SIMO, followed by an open mic, starting at 8pm. For those unaware of the Pahanish empire, follow this link for a review of the latest Panfish album, “Demogod.” -Terra James-Jura


Album Review: "Demogod" by Panfish
- by Terra James-Jura

It was a little misleading to look at the psychedelic fish-deity gracefully hovering just above a frying pan, guitar in one of many blue hands, eyes closed and lost in some divine groove on mythical headphones.  Adding to the dissonance was the faint whiff of nag champa that wafted heavenward when I slipped the disc for “Demogod” out of its sleeve.  It was very strange to me that the packaging for an album by a songwriter with #1 Billboard hits could easily be mistaken for some suburban dad’s DMB hobby band.  

Disregarding this, Pahanish has the capacity to pen some universally appealing tunes, having a hand in a few hits for the likes of Toby Keith and Keith Urban.  He’s well-known amongst Nashville’s songwriters, and tirelessly active in hosting evenings at the Building and Dan McGuiness Pub, steady platforms that allow him to support new talent. However, like most scenemakers, he flies under the radar of popular awareness. 

“Demogod” is an outlet for Pahanish’s wide range of influences to run free.  It showcases his ability to produce a strong, possibly chart-climbing specimen in whatever genre he dips into. Soul, hard rock and folk are interpreted through the filter of his persona as the All-American Gypsy. There’s a party anthem in “Have a Good Time” and a down and dirty come-on in “Number 2.” Everything is fair game so long as women, weed and whiskey get their mention.

Of the bunch, I would pin the gentle, acoustic guitar-heavy track “Gypsy” as the most genuine, and “Peace Pipe” as the song most likely to in the middle of a bidding war between Eric Church and Luke Bryan. However, “Creation” really jumped out in the arrangement as the only track that had the magically groovy breath of Cee Lo Green to it.  I really enjoyed it, and it made me curious to know what would happen if Pahanish really let his aptitude towards neo-soul rip. 

While one would never question Pahanish’s dedication to his music, especially after catching a live performance, any live performance, as he plays them with such energy and conviction that I am sure a few shower doors have fallen victim to his enthusiasm, some of the album came across as detached to me.  This could be my ears misinterpreting the deliberate four-track recording as hollow rather than, say, affectionately lo-fi, but some songs seem more like foster children rather than his own flesh and blood. 


The variety of “Demogod” combined with the expert songwriting makes it an engaging album all the way through. His personality shines through whatever angle he approaches from, and in all reality, it’s probably impossible for Pahanish to write a bad song.  It’s a solid stepping stone on his path towards conquering Nashville.  











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