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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Kady Rain Releases A Summertime Pop Hit with "It Wasn't the Roses"

 A perpetual sunny disposition and bubblegum pop vibes that manifest positivity, Kady Rain's music is a vitamin shot of glitter-pop designed to brighten your day.  The Austin-based pop vocalist/songwriter has taken her personal life's darkness, including surviving an abusive past, and rendered it into an inspiring and uplifiting expression of love through her music. Kady Rain's new single, "It Wasn't the Roses", features incisive lyrics that are confectioned with infectious electro-pop, leaving listeners entranced and curious for more. Kady Rain is 28 years old and has already demonstrated a fortuitous demeanor that will keep her momentum moving forward towards larger audiences, so lets enjoy watching the metamorphosis from beginning to end.



The Nightowls Debut Music Video For "#selfieQueen"

Bursting onto the scene in 2014 with a debut album, the Nightowls have had a ubiquitous presence in the Austin scene for the last four years, consistently playing shows for a loyal and growing group of fans. The soul and R&B connoisseurs dropped their latest album, We Are The Nightowls, on April 27th but we are debuting their new music video "#selfiequeen", which happens to be as magenetic as their raucous live shows. Lead singer of the ten-piece, Ryan Harkrider, explains the video: "We wrote #selfiequeen in response to this funny trend we've noticed at our live shows where fans will turn their backs to us and get their phone out to take selfie with the band in the background. It’s an odd scene from our perspective and we just wanted song that welcomed this and could turn it into something we could all enjoy together." The Nightowl's latest album was two years in the making and, a video like "#selfiequeen", which was shot live at EAR studios by Jeff Ray, is a perfect window into the charismatic live performances that have made the band popular. Check out the upcoming tour dates for the Nightowls on their website, www.wearethenightowls.com


Bodega is on the cover of the 54th issue of The Deli NYC!

If there's a turn of phrase we kind of detest here at The Deli is "taking the scene by storm." It's one of those generic prefab sentences that ring insincere. But then again, sometimes, some bands do that - kind of rare, but it happens, right? And sometimes, on a hot day like today, being lazy is kind of inevitable. So... yes! Brooklyn's Bodega are taking the NYC scene by storm with their blend of post-punk and pop and their super-fun live shows. That, and their somewhat familiar name, are the main reasons why they are on the cover of the new, spring 2018 issue of The Deli! 

The issue, our 54th NYC one, is now up online and you can read it here.

It's an issue linked to the biggest event for musicians we've ever organized, which will host a Stompbox Exhibit, a Synth Expo and a Vintage Guitar Exchange in a Bushwick art gallery called Absurd Conclave - hope to see you there!

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