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Wooden Indian Burial Ground

October 2012
Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Wooden Indian Burial Ground is fucked up in all the right ways. The four piece psych-garage outfit play with the nihilistic intensity that defined early punk music yet they take the spirit in a more experimental direction as can be heard on this month’s self-titled release. The album is an energetic, gritty and chaotic collection that maintains an accessible element within its’ visceral noise breaks and discordian shouts. Surf rock undertones, splashes of doo-wop swooning and a vaudevillian waltz provide just enough of a pop sensibility to keep the album from falling too far into the disorienting fuzz of musical anarchy, but not so much that you don’t get a taste of its influence. The droning feedback and cymbal crashes contrast the nostalgic throwbacks to pop foundation to create an album that is unique and powerful, but not without a hint of satire. Wooden Indian Burial Ground reminds us of our musical origins but does so in a way that implies the way they have been warped and distorted, which may be what makes their style so relevant. When the most accessible music today is created with the purpose of topping charts and making money, we need bands like Wooden Indian Burial Ground to fuck things up a little bit. –Benjamin Toledo


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