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Tiger Touch

Get your party on with the Hot LZs

Raucous foursome the Hot LZs actually do know how to make things hot with the energy they throw into their songs. Natural and unrefined, the boys are are a perfect choice for getting a crowd riled up and in the mood.

Just recently, the Hot LZs came out on top as who all the voters were looking most forward to seeing at midsummer's Twilight Fest. That was their last performance up until tonight, where they've been booked along with Tiger Touch and The Ransom for a Belmont blowout party of sorts for hump day. 

If you missed them at Twilight Fest, be sure to check them out tonight. They'll easily become a go-to for getting out some slightly aggro feelings in a catchily punky way.

Sweatin' it Out, Rockin with the Sweatpants

There couldn't be a better name for a genre than "toilet rock." Kicking out jams freshly from the depths of the white hole of the toilet bowl are the Sweatpants, whose self proclaimed designation as such serves them well.

Nix the association of toilets and boo boo in this instance, since there's no negative connotation to be affiliated with what the Sweatpants do. Pulling aspects of garage, punk, metal and grunge, the Pants have essentially created a divine concoction of sludgy rock that falls somewhere between Fugazi and Rudementary Peni with a Pacific Northwest twist.

As far as we know, we'll have to wait until mid-December to see the Sweatpants again. They'll be sweat rockin' alongside Frenz and Tiger Touch at the Liquor Store for free on December 14. Until then, congrats to the Sweatpants being our nexts Artists of the Month and enjoy their self titled No Faith Records debut, released in May of this year.


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