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Ghost To Falco (Album Release) // Aan // 4.11.14

Ghost to Falco have been shaping and re-shaping their experimental psych/prog rock sound in Portland since 2001, under the guiding hand of Eric Crespo. Friday night at Bunk Bar, the band will release their fourth album Soft Shield through Itialian based Fooltribe Records. GTF will be joined by the brilliant experimental popsters Aan, whose February release Amor Ad Nauseum was featured as the Deli Portland's last Album of the Month (view our current Album of the Month, Polyester Itch by Hands In here). Seattle’s Dragging an Ox through Water open the night at 9pm. The cover is $7 and worth every penny.

Check out GTF's video for their first single, 'Born to Win,' off Soft Shield.

- Chandler Strutz

Portland Music's Excellent Adventure: Treefort Music Fest

If you're one of the lucky ones who is making it out to Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho this weekend, you're probably losing your mind right now. And with good reason, as your life is likely to change forever. To make things easier for you, we've dug through this year's lineup to highlight the overwhelming amount of Portland bands whose performances this weekend demand your presence. Persuasion is done best quickly and carefully. Pay close attention.

Two-piece Nurses are constantly reinventing your definition of experimental pop. The Shivas toss your body and mind back into a time where bopping superseded twerking. The woodsy and folksy Great Wilderness are fronted by subtly demanding vocals. And And And is playful but not too playful but really fun to let loose to while actually still being serious. AU is destined to cover your body with goosebumps. Ernest Hip Hatchet coats simplistic guitar melodies with authentic lyricism. Animal Eyes never let their energy down. Sallie Ford is embarking on her own adventure, so it wouldn't be in your best interests to miss the beginning of something beautiful. Sama Dams are the noteworthy avant garde three-piece in the scene. Tiburones echo all that make you actually feel like a human being, pulling at your heart strings and beyond. Genders could easily fall into your definition as a comforting band, while at the same time pushing you to get yourself into unlikely situations. Like A Villain AKA Holland Andrews will leave you never feeling the same. Hustle and Drone widen your eyes and move your body in ways you'd probably just do alone in the privacy of an empty space. Sun Angle are famously furious, wild and will make you laugh whether you're into that sort of thing or not. Summer Cannibals match that amount of energy, bringing forth their youthful disposition. Eternal Tapestry pull from Eastern influences and force vivid imagery with or without actual projections. Wooden Indian Burial Ground aggressively shakes your world close to oblivion. Aan will bring you back and Magic Mouth will allow you to gently waltz back into the real world.
This year's festival will be one to remember. - Colette Pomerleau 

February 2014
"Amor Ad Nauseum

After years of playing together Aan have released their debut full-length album, Amor Ad Nauseum, and it was well worth the wait. The opening track, “Wet and Dripping”, fades in with an ambient build that lulls the listener into a sense of emotional security that is then shattered by sharp vocal shouts, swirling rhythms and lush guitar tones that seem to twist around their lucid foundation. Somehow in the first four minutes of the album Aan is able to give the listener a taste of what this entire collection is about. It’s dynamic, detailed and transforms a pop structure into something harder to define, but incredibly addicting.

     The album continues through the steady and psych-tinged “Spiritual Provisions” into its deceptively contagious single, “I Don’t Need Love”. The effervescent guitar, synth and rhythmic variations contained within are juxtaposed against a steady, fuzzed-out bass line that keeps the song grounded by its continuous groove. “Wake Me with a Kiss” is another highlight, it’s emotional lyrics are the kind that can make you reflect on the definition of love long after the final words are shouted at its conclusion. The final track, “Weirdo” seems to breath as it’s rhythmic foundation is expanded upon until it fades out through an ambient drone. Aan have taken the time to craft a debut that feels fully-developed and complete, and the result of their work is one of the most dynamic albums to come out of Portland in recent memory. - Benjamin Toledo   

Aan Record Release at Mississippi Studios 2.1

Aan was my first introduction to the Portland music scene. I remember venturing out into the unknown, alone, struggling to even find the venue. It was hard work, convincing myself to gaze out into a sea of strange faces. When the band started to play, my focus was still and unable to be broken. "Wake Me With A Kiss" brushes a cold, white sheet over your eyelids, enticing you to believe you're in the scenario of waking up next to someone special on a hazy morning. Bud Wilson's vocals are something to take note of. Through the curls and the snarls of his intriguing twang, there's this never-ending maze of new sounds to explore. The lingering bass flirts with a build up, the guitar distantly trickling down your spine. This song posseses a theme true to the entire career of the band; anything is possible. Aan's enthusiasm for mystification draws in the attention of many, but their incredible talent is responsible for keeping us excited. - Colette Pomerleau


Aan at Bunk Bar 11.12

Aan evokes emotion in a way that is both unsettling and exciting. Delivering a constant flow of unconventional melodies, haunting feedback and expanding sound, the mind-altering experience is one to remember. There is an ideal mix of experimental rock with an alternative backbone and a heavy psyche-pop flirtation. This isn't just noise. Jump on the vehicle of tingling soundscapes to get away from your micro-managing boss, needy friends and significant other who no longer has anything in common with you. Get away from anything you want with this island-escapism rock. They will be playing at Bunk Bar on November 12th with LA babes, Gothic Tropic and local musician Neal Morgan. Lend your imagination but leave your expectations about local music behind. - Colette Pomerleau


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