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Warm Human

Warm Human "Better Than Who?" & "Daylight Savings"

Warm Human has released the first two singles, "Better Than Who?" and "Daylight Savings", from her forthcoming album, Hometown Hero, which is due out on March 30th.

This is the Alt Pop project of Meredith Johnston and she joined by Gavin McDonald (Mister Amiss) on drums. She also enlisted Sen Morimoto to play sax on the album's closing track, "D.O.A.".


Warm Human @ Sleeping Village (5.17)

Warm Human (aka Meredith Johnston) has released an "Acoustic Version" of her 2021 single "Gimme A Reason". This is a stripped down, vocals only, version of one her most hauntingly beautiful tracks.

You can catch Warm Human at Sleeping Village on May 17th with Cullah and Old Pup. She will also be performing at the Hideout on June 4th with Fran and Central Heat Exchange.


Warm Human "Hold Music"

Warm Human (aka Meredith Johnston) has released a new collection of b-sides, outtakes, and demos called "Hold Music".

In this description for the collection Johnson says these are "voice memos of piano improvisations, demos, ambient tracks, and forgotten or abandoned songs". It is a fun look behind the scenes of her creative process and when pulled together it really does feel like a cohesive piece.

This is the first new music from Johnson since the release of "Gimme A Reason", her 2021 debut single for House of Feelings records.


Warm Human "Gimme A Reason"

Warm Human (aka Meredith Johnston) has released a new single and video called "Gimme A Reason" via House of Feelings records. This is her first single of 2021, and first on House of Feelings, after releasing a wonderful series of single last year.

When asked to explain the history of this song Johnston had this to say; "I am a terrible sleeper, I have a parasomnia where I wake myself up scratching my arms, outstretched like a zombie. Other days I wake up wondering why I slept so poorly, but when I sit up, my sheets are wrapped around my neck. This video is a visual manifestation of involuntary self torture, the feeling of drowning in your own consequences, whether in dreams or in waking life."


Warm Human "Ring + (612)"

Warm Human (aka Meredith Johnston) has released a new double single "Ring" b/w "(612)". This comes closely on the heels of her most recent album, The Bummer Album, which was just released back in July.

Johnston has two albums planned, Club Awful and Dark, from which these singles are taken, but it is unclear when and how they will be released.

Her last single came from The Bummer Album, and was the powerful "I Wanna B Domesticated". You can see the emotional video for that single below.


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